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Welcome to the Grace Podcast! Peter and Erin have been married for over 20 years and for most of their lives have been searching for the meaning of life and purpose. By the grace of God, Jesus opened their eyes to His Truth and both their lives have been flipped upside down, or can we say right side up! Join them on a regular podcast to hear their story and experiences before and after Christ.


Episode #1-Peter & Erin share their testimony coming out of the New Age belief and putting their full faith and trust into Jesus Christ. They also share their journey 7 years later and what life looks like today.

Episode #2-Peter & Erin tackle a question from the community about other religions and whether or not it's ok to collect artifacts for the home. This one is an interesting topic!


Episode #3-Peter & Erin dig deep on the topic of Psychics-Tarot & Yoga. Is it ok to do these things? Why or why not? What does God think?

Episode #4--Don't be a Hypocrite! We dig in deep on sin and why we need to stay away from it. Only Jesus and His power can give us victory.

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