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Mike Gendron was a practicing Catholic for 30 years, until he was exposed to the true Gospel.  He learned that he was saved by God's grace through faith, not by religious works.  His ministry reaches to Catholics and exposes the lies of the Roman Catholic church.  Find him at

Frank and Joan Testa, former Catholic priest and nun have been in pastoral ministry for over twenty years; working with drug addicts and alcoholics for many years, as well as engaging in extensive street and prison preaching and witnessing.  You can find their ministry at

Massimo was born in Italy and raised Roman Catholic, but didn't understand what being born again meant, until he was adult.  Later he discovered the truth and committed his life to Christ fully and is now a pastor.  Courtesy of:

Peter's Testimony to Jesus Christ-Freedom-alcohol-drugs-catholic-new age-tarot-mediums-pornography-yoga-idol maker Please watch with a open heart. This is a true story and Peter's life has completely changed. We hope this video blesses you, and may God Bless you! 

Mary grew up as a Roman Catholic but didn't fully understand the truth of being born again. Ric grew up as a default Atheist and became a born again believer who experienced performance based religion, and now understands God's simple message of saved by grace through faith. 

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