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Peter was raised Roman Catholic, became a tarot card reader, struggled with addiction, and porn.  Erin was a yoga teacher and asked God one question, "God if you're real and Jesus Christ is the truth, prove it."  God did in a mighty way and revealed His truth by saving them by His grace.  One Flesh 4 Jesus is their ministry.

Jessica left her Christian upbringing and turned to

yoga, meditation, reiki and other New Age practices until strange things started to happen.  She discovered Jesus Christ was the truth all along.  Her ministry exposes new age deception at Truth Behind Yoga.

Kristen and Corey were both ghost hunters but

in time realized the ghosts they were chasing were demons.  Thankfully, Jesus showed them the truth and now they speak out against the occult.

Find out how this ex lesbian, stripper, drug addict and her fiancé who was into the occult find the truth of Jesus Christ. Both of them were living a life contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ, but today they are new creations and true followers of Christ. Watch their stories and share it to inspire others to follow the truth.

Watch Francois' testimony on how he went from living the high life filled with money, cars, traveling, fancy restaurants, and parties to spiritual guru and author. Until his life suddenly changed and real truth was revealed to him. You'll be amazed at this powerful story!

Raised in the new age, Doreen had a profound vision of Jesus on January 7, 2017 that led to her getting baptized and converting to Christianity. You can learn more about her story and ministry at

This is the story of David Leone, former New Age Psychic who was touched by Christ, and became a Pastor.  His ministry can be found at:

Warren Smith, is a former new ager who now has a ministry related to Christian discernment, particularly how it is infiltrating the church.  His ministry page can be found at:

Steven Bancarz was founder of the well known New Age Website Spirit Science, but had a radical experience with Jesus Christ.  It brought him to his knees, and He's now developed a successful Christian Apologetics ministry called Reasons for Jesus.

Peter's Testimony to Jesus Christ-Freedom-alcohol-drugs-catholic-new age-tarot-mediums-pornography-yoga-idol maker Please watch with a open heart. This is a true story and Peter's life has completely changed. We hope this video blesses you, and may God Bless you! 

In these last of last days witchcraft and the occult are slipping more and more into the church unnoticed and it's leading many people astray!

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