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The Bible Study Company

BSC is: An online study Bible with a social media community

Their mission: Studying Scripture to live a praiseworthy life

Their vision: That a “Company” of believers are studying Scripture to live a praiseworthy life

Their Hope: That Pew-sitters move to disciple and then to disciple teachers bearing fruit for Christ

Bible Study Company, LLC. (BSC) is a mobilized website created to provide an easy to use experience while studying the Bible. How is BSC any different than other Bible e-readers on the Internet? BSC isn't just an e-reader. We hope to become your online study Bible, complete with notes, journals, and a social media component. In our name: Bible Study Company, the emphasis is on…company. We seek a "company" of believers who are committed to pursuing the God of the Bible and sharing their experiences with others. 

Join their FREE community at

They have easy to understand Bible Study Podcasts hosted by Ric & Mary Joyner.  Click here to get started!

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