Initiated into a Satanic cult as a young girl, Patricia spent her entire life fighting to free herself from the darkness and fear that plagued her. Desperate, she sought solace in the midst of one of her fears—church.

Here are three Testimonies That 100% Prove That Jesus Is Real. Only God can work in people who are so lost and change their life around; their testimonies is the evidence of Gods existence.

Find out how this ex lesbian, stripper, drug addict and her fiancé who was into the occult find the truth of Jesus Christ. Both of them were living a life contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ, but today they are new creations and true followers of Christ. Watch their stories and share it to inspire others to follow the truth.

After living a life of darkness and delving into the world of the occult,  Beth was redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ.  Listen to her fascinating story and learn more about her ministry exposing the occult at: