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Crystal & Elvin had everything!  Good jobs, good careers and healthy lifestyles...yet they both felt empty.  Until, Crystal had an encounter with Jesus Christ and Elvin had a scary experience with an evil presence.

Charles was raised by his grandmother due to his parents neglect and was raised in the church, however he left the truth of Jesus Christ for drugs and worldly living until he encountered Jesus at a revival. Find out how God has changed and healed Charles through his remarkable testimony. His passion for Jesus is infectious!

Erv grew up in a very traumatic and abusive home. After a life of suffering and experience with an abusive church, he drifted away from Jesus until he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He started questioning where he was going to go after he died. Find out how his life was transformed and brought him back to the true Jesus Christ.

Remi grew up in a Christian home, but strayed away from Jesus and ended up in a sinful and abusive relationship. God called her home through a dream and her life is filled with joy, love and obedience to God.

Camilla has been a Christian since she was a child, but experienced a crisis of faith when she attended college. After she married and had kids, she had an excruciating trial that tested her faith. Please watch and share this powerful testimony of faith.

George's early experience with church focused on emotions and speaking in tongues which he never received. This eventually lead him away from the church and into various addictions. Find out how Jesus restored his life today!

Donita discovered a new life in Jesus Christ at the young age of 11. Even though life has brought many challenges, she has always leaned on God and in some cases cried out to God. He has never left her, and Donita wants you to know that He'll never leave you either.

Tom became a Christian as a young man, but still struggled with sin as we all do. Find out how Jesus has never given up on him and how his life has changed.

Does heaven really exist? Is there life after death? Find out what John's brother saw before her passed.

Watch this incredible testimony from Ronnie who lives with cerebral palsy. His mission it to tell others to get ready for Jesus Christ's return. Despite his many physical challenges, he shares his story around the U.S. and now with the world. Are you ready?

Brian was not the best kid growing up. After getting things together Brian joined the Navy. His journey turns dark after a long drinking binge in Mexico. This event turned Brian's life upside down. Somehow a light shined in this dark tunnel of life and at the end of it was someone unexpected.

Dave found redemption and forgiveness from his life of drug dealing and addiction in such an unexpected way! See and share his transformation now!

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