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MJ Nixon grew up in a conservative christian home, but had same sex attractions at a young age.  After living with a woman, she started seeking God's truth and repented.  She now has a successful ministry reaching the LGBTQ+ community with love and truth.

Luis Ruiz survived the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando on July 12, 2016.  After losing his friends and sustaining injuries, he repented and put his full faith in Jesus Christ.  He now reaches to the community to share the relationship of Christ, and preaches against religion.  His ministry is at

Larry was sexually abused the night of his dad's funeral by his uncle at the age of 5, and then was assaulted by 7 different men until the age of 13. At the age of 16 he decided that he was gay and lived the gay lifestyle until he was 25 until he had an encounter with Jesus Christ. Check out his story now!

Walt Heyer s a former transgender with a passion to help others who regret gender change. Walt travels extensively to share his story of redemption at conferences, churches and universities.  His ministry can be found at

Montreea was a trans/lesbian rapper and recording artist and was changed by Jesus in a mighty way.  She now sings for the Lord and has an amazing ministry reaching to those in the LGBT community.  You can find her at:

What happens when a gay man encounters the power of the Holy Spirit? Becket Cook, a formerly gay man shares his amazing Christ-Encounter!  His Website can be found at

Find out how this ex lesbian, stripper, drug addict and her fiancé who was into the occult find the truth of Jesus Christ. Both of them were living a life contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ, but today they are new creations and true followers of Christ. Watch their stories and share it to inspire others to follow the truth.

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